The Jointed Hex by Matt Erny

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Step 1: Tie 3/0 thread to #10 long bend nymph hook.

Step 2: Tie on a Pheasant rump feather or a pheasant marabou feather, leaving it long enough to overhang the hook bend by half the length of the hook.

Step 3: Tie on a Pheasant under-fluff feather (See Hex gill pic.)

Step 4: Add dubbing to thread and wind to the bend of the hook.

Step 5: Carefully fold under-fluff feather back to make the gill.

Step 6: Fold rump/marabou feather back; tie to the bend of the hook and whip.

Step 7: (pic. 11) Wrap thread back to the eye, carefully placing it between the fluff feather. Be careful not to pull down the fluff. Tie off, then glue at the bend and behind the eye.

Step 8: Tie braided line, 10 to 30 pound test (I use both)  to hook, overhanging the eye, then fold it back to the bend.

Step 9: Add the other fly that we just tied to the braid and fold the braid back. Wrap to the eye, fold the braid back to the bend and wrap it back to the bend. Then trim excess braid.

Step 10: Add Zap-a-Gap/Super Glue (I use Loctite Brand @18.00 a bottle- it’s good stuff!) to the braid.

Step 11: Add a sealed feather- I use Rooster Saddle Natural Variant. Seal and dry before you start.

Step 12: Tie on a small Pheasant feather (see pic. for legs.) Tie it on by the thick quill. Pull the web back about two-thirds from start of web. Add dubbing, then wrap short of the eye. Be very careful- it is easy to crowd the eye.

Step13: Tie the leg feather forward short of the eye. Tie on small mono eyes and trim tip of leg feather off. Notice the forward bend of the legs because of the way we tied in the feather by the quill.

Step 14: Fold sealed feather forward; tie it off with cross-wraps. Pull it back and trim, whip finish and glue.

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