Triggers, Tiers and Trout by Russ Forney

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Fly tiers invariably pose that question when first introduced to emerger patterns; scruffy bodies, curved hooks, and jumbled appendages are bewildering to the uninitiated. The apprehension is understandable; emergence is a dynamic process in the life cycle stage of aquatic insects and requires equally dynamic imitations to fool wary trout. Emergers are neither nymphs nor duns, rather they are a transient state between the two stages. Capturing transient states on a fish hook is a formidable challenge.

My search for a satisfying explanation to the “why” of emerger fly design became an adventure. Entomology textbooks, fly tying books, scientific literature, interviews, field work, an aquarium, and thousands of flies later, I still have plenty of questions about emergers and fly design. However, a few themes became clear and now exert their influence on my tying, fishing, and teaching. These principles are not novel, but have renewed application in the world of emerging insects.

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