Underwire Support: The Secret to a Shapely Body by Russ Forney

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Recipe for a weighted scud:
Hook: Heavy wire curved hook, sizes 10-18
Thread: Danville 6/0 waxed nylon
Underbody: Double tapered lead-free wire, bundled with tying thread
Tail: Wood duck fibers
Body: Sow-Scud dubbing (rear) and Ice Dubbing (behind the hook eye)
Rib: Copper wire
Back: 1/8 inch wide strip of plastic cut from a sandwich bag


1. A short segment of lead-free wire, flattened at both ends, forms the underbody on this weighted scud pattern. Mounted along the top of the hook shank the added bulk of the wire enhances the humpback appearance of the fly.


2. The finished pattern is a sure bet on weedy spring creeks. A couple of wraps of Ice Dub behind the hook eye are brushed back over the body.

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Underwire Support: The Secret to a Shapely Body by Russ Forney, 6.0 out of 10 based on 2 ratings


  1. Roberto says:

    Nice! I think it’s the best stone nymph I’ve seen.
    Was looking for a pettern like this. Thxs !

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  2. Russ says:

    The stonefly nymph also looks good tied with a clear vinyl rib over a floss body, adds color and depth to the pattern. Monofilament works just fine as a substitute for clear microtubing; see George Grant’s nymphs for the ultimate patterns using a clear overbody.

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  3. Tom Gibbons says:

    Hi Mr. Forney,
    As allways, your tying and improvisations on a theme are outstanding,particularly this nice stonefly. On the advise of another tyier in this site, I went to Michaels and purchased some ‘Stretch Magic”, the clear in a small size{this material is avalable in numbered sizes]. really good for that depth mentioned above. Thanks again for a wonderful tie.Tom.

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  4. scott fairbank says:

    Dear Russ, Great article!!! How about a video tutorial??????? thanks scott

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  5. Chris Patterson says:

    Amazing! Thanks for a great tutorial. I’m a novice tier and articles like this are really inspiring. I’ve picked up several new tricks from this one recipie :)

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