The History of Smoky Mountain Trout Flies by G.S. Stack Scoville

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As fly tiers and fly fishermen, we all want to tie the newest fish catching patterns. Most tiers want to try the newest materials and see how they might be utilized more effectively. Many tiers and fishermen have wondered how certain flies “came into existence” or “What were they thinking when they came up with this?” A few, like me, have an interest in local or regional patterns and how they developed. As a fly tier and collector, I have tried to seek out flies in different parts of the country and in Europe, specifically asking shop owners and guides to point out patterns in their bins and boxes that originated locally and are known fish catchers.
With the advent of numerous magazines, partially or completely, devoted to fly tying, there is a growing body of information on the origin and development of fly patterns. There are also books, video tapes, DVDs and websites which chronicle this information.

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