Tying the Turks Tarantula by Davie Mcphail

Videos — By on October 18, 2009 9:16 am

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  1. DALE says:


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  2. 'witz says:

    Not a criticism, just an observation:

    Visually, it’s easy to follow and copy what McPhail is doing here but I can scarcely understand anything he says.

    Are Scots equally baffled by American accents?

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  3. Dale Craft says:

    Very nice instruction, always wondered how to get legs on these flies!

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  4. pete williams says:

    i was introduced to this fly by a scotsman (davey forres) and found it very deadly on highland lochs. the video is very good and i will have to watch it a few more times before i attempt to tie the fly. i have fished with similar looking flies in chile and did not realise how useful they are in north west scotland. warning do not fish with light casts the takes can be savage!!

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  5. Davy Forrest says:

    Glad you found it a deadly fly Pete, it can also be very useful on rough streams as well as the Highland lochs.

    Davy McPhail’s instruction makes it easy to tie.

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