Tying the Temple Dog Comet by Davie Mcphail

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Tying the Temple Dog Comet by Davie Mcphail, 10.0 out of 10 based on 4 ratings


  1. Great looking fly and good instuctions . Just wondering why it wasn’t tied on a hook?

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  2. Davie McPhail says:

    Hi Bill,

    This style of fly is normally tyed on a tube which will allow you to tie on a treble, double or single depending on the rules on the river you are fishing or if there’s a catch and release programme on the water, but you could easily tye it on a single hook if you wanted. I have tyed some of these flies on large streamer hooks which look really nice..

    Thankyou for the kind words..

    All the best Davie

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  3. Bradley Ronco says:

    Hi Davie.

    Great looking fly. I learned a lot from your methods for tying in material … different from what I have used. The fly looked a little larger than the flies that are traditionally fished for salmon over on this side of the Atlantic. The tubes that I tie tend to be on the larger size. Do you have a materials list for the pattern?


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