Biot Body CDC Comparadun by John Terje Refsahl

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There is nothing more fun in fly tying than putting a new twist on an old pattern.  And that’s just what we have here, with a step-by-step tutorial by John Terje Refsahl of Norway on a Biot Body, CDC Comparadun.  Al Caucci, Bob Nastasi, and maybe even Fran Betters, would be proud.

You’ll need the following materials:

Hook: TMC 102Y #13, or your favorite dry fly hook.
Tail: Coq de Leon
Body: Olive Goose Biots
Thorax: CDC Dubbing
Wing: CDC

First, tie in the tip of a CDC plume.


Next, strip a small clump of barbs from one side of the same CDC plume.


Tie them in on top of the tip, making sure to keep the wing in proper proportion.


Trim the excess CDC, and bring the thread back to a point above the barb.  Now tie in the tails.


Once the tails are tied in, tie in a goose biot by it’s tip.


Apply a thin coat of Head Cement, or Sally Hansen’s Hard as Nails, to the biot’s tie in point.


Continue this light coat of cement up to the rear point of the wing.


Wrap the biot forward.  It may be helpful to use hackle pliers for this step.


Pull the wing forward, simultaneously fanning it out torwards the sides of the hook shank.


Dub behind the wing with the CDC dubbing mix, and then in front of the wing.  Form a small head, and whip finish.


The finished fly from the rear.


The finished fly from the front.


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  1. Jan says:

    Fantastic SBS. Great fly and excellent photography.

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  2. Peter Jackson says:

    Neat, Really neat! Great prospects for variations on the theme for next mayfly time. Really good photographic detail….what camera/setup did you use?

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