Fly Tyers of the World: Volume III

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The Fly Tyers of the World series (see excerpts from vol. 3 below) is a stunning new series of casebound, limited edition, numbered books designed and photographed by Steve Thornton.  Broken up into 5 volumes, Fly Tyers of the World offers a unique and personal insight into 100 of the world’s best known fly tyers and their fly tying techniques.  Each book features 20 of the worlds best known fly tyers with hundreds of high quality images of fly patterns and dressings.

Considering each fly tyer has over 20 years of experience, volumes 1,2, and 3 alone contain an amazing 1200yrs of fly tying knowledge!

By purchasing Volumes I, II, and II now via, and you will automatically be included in the reservation list for volumes 4 and 5.

Volume one includes the following world class fly tyers;

Hans Van Klinken,  Dave Brandt,  Steve Thornton, Mauro Raspini,  Bob Mead, Mick Hall,  Chuck Furimsky,  Fabrizio Gajardoni,  Roman Moser, Johan Klingberg,  Phil White, Ted Patlen,  Gigi Pironi,  Harrison Steeves,  Keith Wallington, Agostino Roncallo,  Al & Gretchen Beatty,  André Brun,  Igor & Nadica Stancev and Paul Whillock.

Volume two includes the following world class fly tyers;

Mary Dette, Jens Pilgaard, Leon Links, Alberto Calzolari, Ronn Lucas, Thorsten Strüben, Masahito Sat, Bill Blackstone, Giulio Tasca, Edward Muzerloll, Herman Broers, Bill Heckel, Jackson Leong, Bob Frandsen, Ralph Graves, Stack Scoville, Leif Örtenholm, Gianluca Nocentini, Jukka Tapio, Fabio Federighi.

Volume three includes the following world class fly tyers;

Eric Leiser, Andrés Touceda, Chris Helm, Ed Berg, Malcolm Greenhalgh, Sacha Pütz, Bruce Marino, Claudio Ď Angelo, Danilo Lazzarini, Eric Austin, Alice Conba, Glenn R. Weisner, Ian Colin James, Lee Schechter, Massimo Masi, Wayne Samson, Robert H. Boyle, Federico Renzi, Wim Alphenaar, Sebastian Letelier.

Volume 4 is due to be published in May/June 2010.

Vol 5 late 2010.

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  1. I can’t believe you were duped into adding Adres Touceda in a volume . He’s not even a fly tyer. I would have bought the whole set of books. Now they are worthless. What a shame.


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