March Brown Nymph

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A May/June staple hatch on any eastern stream, especially in the catskill region. This is a rather large clinger mayfly nymph that migrates towards the shoreline prior to emerging into a winged adult. Tie these in a few sizes to cover your bases. Oh, and hang on, this fly usually drums up some big fish and vicious takes.

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  1. marchbrown says:

    I have been tying and fishing a March Brown nymph for 50 years. My pattern is more tan in body color. It has caught fish all over the United States including Alaska.Whether it is on the Railroad Ranch for the Green Drake hatch, or working a run in the Delaware or Flat Brook in North Jersey this pattern is deadly. I fish it exclusively (90% of the time)and therefore was given the handle March Brown by many of my dry fly buddies. Give it a try. ( without a strike indicator) :))

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