Product Spotlight: Singlebarbed’s Sixth Finger Scissors

Product Spotlight — By on April 12, 2010 9:29 am

singlebarbed sixth finger scissors

Hatches is pleased to announce the arrival of Singlebarbed’s Sixth Finger Scissors to the Hatches Store!  These surgical-grade stainless steel fly tying scissors are designed to remain in the hand for the duration of the tying session. One over-sized finger hole allows the scissor to be worn like a wedding ring at the base of the finger and keeps the points away from your work- and them precious eyeballs.

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You can always tell a pro tyer from an amateur by whether or not they put their scissors down or keep them in their hand after use.  A pro tyer never puts his/her scissors down, instead they leave them in their hand so they’re always at the ready, allowing them to tie faster.

While some scissors which are designed to be held at all times have been on the market for some time, they are often bulky, restricting the tyer’s hand from performing the basic tasks associated with fly tying.  The Sixth Finger Scissors are unique as the small diameter ring allows your fingers to have a full range of motion while tying.

They’re also incredibly easy to operate.  Simply close your hand to make a cut, using the thumb to press on the spring-loaded handle.

These are light scissors with fine points and a finger hole designed to fit both big, hammy hands, or smaller paws.  The standard model is 4.5” inches long and made of surgical stainless steel with faux gold handles, these will work for both left and right-handed tiers.  There is also a Tungsten version available for serious tyers.

How to Use the Sixth Finger Scissor

Most will find it completely intuitive as the scissor shape and gravity dictates most of the motion.

Three basic positions are used to “holster” or cut with the points. Depending on the size of your fingers most will find the holster position somewhere behind the knuckle and the base of the finger.

Scissor in holstered position

Absent that big metal second finger hole – your hand can flex naturally while positioning materials in preparation for them to be secured to the hook shank. So long as the hand is tilted upward the scissors remain out of the way.

Full range of motion for the fingers containing the scissor

Once the materials are secured with thread just tilt the hand downward and the scissors will fall into the “cut” position. The overly large finger hole allows the scissor more motion on the finger than traditional tying tools – and accommodates larger hands – so chafing is at a minimum.

Gravity assists in reaching the cutting position

All that remains is to press your thumb against the spring loaded scissor and the cut is made. Tilt the hand and the “Sixth Finger” falls back into the holstered position.

Thumb presses spring loaded bar to make the cut

Having tied flies for some time, using a wide range of scissors along the way – from four dollar specials to surgeon’s scissors- Hatches Staff have been quite pleased with these scissors. Having the scissors at the ready cut around 15-30 seconds from each flies tying time– compared to regular scissors– and if you’re not used to holding the scissors in your hand you should save at least a minute or two versus hunting for them in the debris at the vise base.

These are fine point – light duty; no cutting of bead chain or prying open tuna cans- unless you’re using the tungsten model. These will cover the bulk of your cutting and should provide great service. They will not tire your hand or chafe the ring finger.

CLICK HERE to order your set today!

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  1. Bud McAlister says:

    My new scissors arrived today.They took a little getting used too but,after 2 Parachute Adams I realized they are everything you said & maybe a little more.Not only are they always where I can find them they also cut the finest materials easily.Thanks Bud

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