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Material List
Hook: Gamakatsu R10 #14
Thread: Griffith’s 14/0 dark brown
Shuck: Z-lon dun and amber mix
Rib: x-fine gold braid
Body: antron mix
Wing: Coastal deer hair

Tying Instructions
This is an easy caddis. Use colors to match your caddis flies. Tie in the shuck about as long as the hook shank. Tie in the rib. Dub the body. Original pattern used z-lon for the body as well as the shuck. Tie in the hair wing the same as for an elk hair caddis making the wing full and somewhat short. Hook shank to half shuck length.

Here is my method for tying in the wing. I make one wrap of thread around just the hair bundle. Then I lay it on the hook shank and make one semi-loose turn and then a tight turn of thread in the same spot. Pull up 1/3 of the hair butt ends and slip a loop deep between the fibers and tighten. Pull up the second 1/3 of the butt ends and do the same. Then pull up the remaining ends and tie off a nice head. Clip the butts to shape.

Good Luck Chuck
Material List
Hook: #10 Salar
Tail: Bleached woodchuck guard hairs
Abdomen: bleached woodchuck underfur
Thorax: olive woodchuck underfur
Hackle: coq de leon hackle

Stonefly Nymph

Material List
Hook: #8
Thread: rusty brown 6/0
Tail: biots
Abdomen: hare’s ear dubbing, brown-olive
Rib: copper wire
Thorax: hare’s ear dubbing, brown-olive and tungsten
Wing Case: swiss strow, black
Legs: biots, r.brown
Antenae: biots, r.brown

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  1. capt.brian moran says:

    gentleman , clearly the best colletion of flies,patterns and matrials along with a teriffic group of tyers and fisherman out to share learn and have fun with this amazing sport,, thanks for being threr,been tying for fory years and every time i view the site ,isay to myself,,thats amaing,,
    sincerly, capt brian moran

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