Vitreus Soft Hackle by Richard Strolis

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The only soft hackle fly that I use during the Yellow Quill hatches on my home river. This fly with the addition of a bead can also be fished as a nymph in the round and deep. Swung through or actively fished through likely fish lies and fast water and this fly produces.

Materials You Will Need
Hook: Dohiku 302 or similar barbless wet or nymph hook size 12-14
Thread: Orange UTC 140 F1
Tail & Hackle: Brahma Hen
Body: Brown Squirrel Dub
Rib: Small oval gold tinsel

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  1. James says:


    I am surprised by the color of you your Vitreus Soft Hackle I was under the impression that this mayfly hatches underwater and the light colored adult swims to the surface. The traditional pattern to imitate the wet adult was the Pink Lady Mayfly. Perhaps your are imitating the nymph just prior to emergence. Anyway you have a great looking fly and innovative techniques.

    I would appreciate your feedback.


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  2. Gibby says:

    Jim, I agree, although a nice tie, true the emergence which is much lighter colored and does somewhat resemble the pink lady which is commonly seen in the yellowstone spring creeks and the madison river, this is much too dark.

    If your home river is the farmington, which is mine as well although I believe the westfield is your home river, not the farmington, the farmington does not have a yellow quill hatch at least in the last 40 years that I have fished it, maybe you are referring to the sulphur hatch??? The PMD emerger,nymph is more the color you represent here.

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