The Shimmer Stone

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The latest medium to large stonefly nymph pattern I came up with. The fly is two toned like a natural, and takes on a woven fly look without the weaving. Colors and sizes can be altered accordingly, as a rule of thumb I tie these in a 12-4 and the golden color in the video is the top color scheme as of late.

Materials You Will Need
Hook: TMC 2302 Size 4-12
Thread: UTC 140
Tail/Antenae: Spanflex
Head: Gold/Copper Bead
Back/Wingcase: Hareline Flashback
Body: Hare tron dubbing + V-rib
Legs: Hen

For more information on Richard Strolis’ Catching Shadows Guide Service visit:

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  1. Sk8flyRod says:

    That’s one sharp looking fly. Thanks for sharing.

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  2. Cristian Gaetán says:

    Excelent fly. I use your fly in Argentine river´s and fishing very good. Thank you very much por sharing. I use this fly in hook Nº 12 with float line and using leader 5x short (1,10 mts,).
    Thank you again.

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