Hatches 2010: Beads: Tying with Light by Russ Forney

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An artist’s palette is a gateway to a world of infinite possibility. Skillfully blended colors express mood and vitality, bringing imagination to life well before a brush ever touches the canvas. An evolving composition grows from the palette—the origin of color, form, and light.

Fly tiers also wield a palette of colors and textures. Fur, hair, hackle, tinsel, foam, yarn, wire, and beads replace oils and acrylics. We arrange materials on metal hooks and create images designed to excite aquatic audiences. Flies, like other artists’ works, are compositions of color, form, and light. And of these qualities, light is the most captivating.

This and 13 other articles can be found in the 2010 Issue of Hatches Magazine(will be published September 1st)

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  1. Renato Bugelli says:

    Very interesting site and very useful to fly tyers.

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  2. Dusty says:

    What type of glass beads are the best to get? And what are a few sites that have them?

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  3. Russ says:

    Thanks for the comments.

    I generally tie with ‘craft store’ glass beads, primarily because I like to compare colors and finishes first hand (I’m very visually oriented) and like the fact that I can pick from among hundreds (or thousands) of styles, shapes, and sizes.

    Yes, you will get a few misshapened or oddly sized beads in the craft store packages, but there are still plenty of good ones for the tying bench.

    Hareline is one company that distributes glass beads specific for fly tying; J. Stockard and Orvis are good starting places for online searches.

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