Hatches 2010: Blending Your Own Dubbing by Keith Barton

Magazine — By on July 14, 2010 8:15 pm

It can be coarse or fine. It may sparkle or move fetchingly and resist saliva, head cement, finger pressure and harsh language. It’s brightly colored and drab. It’s cheap and plentiful. You have far too much already and I’m going to make you want more. “It,” of course, is dubbing.

Dubbing might be the most common task in fly tying. Most books, however, give it only a casual mention — illuminating a quality or two, mentioning a dubbed loop or a dubbing brush, and closing with a quick reference to a couple of desirable qualities while moving on to more glamorous subjects.

Beginning tiers are left asking unanswered questions, and accomplished tiers wonder why so many encounter difficulty, mainly because dubbing techniques appear self-explanatory.

This and 13 other articles can be found in the 2010 Issue of Hatches Magazine(will be published September 1st)

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  1. Chuck Stranahan says:

    Hooeee… This tickler makes me want to read the whole article. Keith Barton probably knows more than anybody about the importance of light and color and how these critical elements go together in specific blends of fibers that catch trout.

    New synthetic materials have fueled Keith’s ability to advance a legacy that was passed to him by one of fly tying’s true masters: Cal Bird. Now Cal’s knowledge and theories have a voice, thanks to Keith, whose own innovations continue to push the envelope.

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