Tying Tips: Streamside Fly Tying Vise

Fly Tying Tips — By on August 4, 2010 6:36 am

This week’s typing tip is in response to a question by Hatches reader, Nick S. from Boise, ID.  Nick wanted to know if we had any suggestions for a small, lightweight fly tying vise to use streamside, or on backcountry fly-in/ hike-in fly fishing trips.

Like most fly tiers, you probably have an X-ACTO knife sitting on your fly tying bench.  And like most fly tiers, you probably didn’t realize that this $2 tool easily converts into a nearly weightless fly tying vise.  Simply unscrew the collet, remove the blade, insert your hook, and tighten the collet.

A standard X-ACTO knife should hold hook sizes between a #6 and #20 with minimal to no hook slippage.  If you do experience any hook slippage, just slide the hook back into place and keep tying.

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  1. ukeyman says:

    Fine if you can tie onehanded. There are cheap vise out there…about $5.00…that have a screw thread on the bottom of the shaft that can be screwed into a log or tree for normal twohanded tying.

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  2. Mike S says:

    If you are tying at the stream. I am very intersted in what matirials you would carry to tie a fly that would not have already tied at home?

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  3. Geir Kjensmo says:

    Tied a lot of flies at the stream; for trout, char and grayling, I only need: deer-hair, cul de canard feathers and quality genetic hackle (brown, ginger or grizzly). Of course flies could be already tied at home, but my creative mind observe and learn new things everything at the stream…..

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  4. Fred says:

    Swap your multi tool for a leatherman multi-tool with the vice-grip head. Worked perfectly for me when I had to repair a couple of hot patterns while fly fishing in Alaska. I always carry a spool of dental floss and a small sewing kit that doubles as an emergency fly repair kit . . . never fails the one pattern that gets hot is always the one you didn’t tie enough of . . .

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  5. This is one of the neatest tips I’ve seen in years! Great idea — I can’t wait to try it!

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