The Ray Bergman Collection – 3) Adder

Ray Bergman Collection — By on September 12, 2010 1:33 pm

Tip: Orange floss
Tail: None
Ribbing: Orange floss
Body: Brown floss
Hackle: Brown
Wing: Brown mottled turkey *

* Many wet flies in Bergman’s books call for a wing of brown turkey. Some recipes merely list ‘brown,’ while others call for ‘light brown’ or ‘dark brown’ turkey. All these shades are usually mottled. The original listing above and on subsequent patterns has been clarified with the addition of the word ‘mottled.’ Examination of the shade of wing in the original paintings or these photographs will aid fly tiers in selecting proper color for tying turkey-winged patterns.

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  1. S Knight says:

    Adder? A new one on me but looks a lot like the Alder fly. Any connection

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  2. Don Bastian says:

    The Alder has a peacock herl body, and in some recipes a gold tinsel tag. It has no orange all, which makes the Alder quite different from the Adder. Both flies have brown hackle and a brown mottled wing. In profile alone, the distinction between a smooth floss body and dense herl body makes these two patterns present a noticeable difference at a glance. Do the trout think so? Probably. Herl flies always catch trout! I do not believe the two are related…but I can not say for sure…thanks for your comment & question!

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