The Ray Bergman Collection – 4) Adirondack

Ray Bergman Collection — By on September 12, 2010 1:37 pm

Tip: Yellow floss *
Tail: Black hackle tips **
Ribbing: None
Body: Gray fur
Hackle: Orange
Wing: White

* The Adirondack is the second of many flies on the Bergman / Burke color plates that presents differing information between the painting and recipe listing regarding the terms tip, tag, and butt.
The Adirondack painting on the plate clearly exhibits a floss butt ahead of the tail even though the recipe lists it as a tip. I normally tie the Adirondack with a yellow floss tip and a full-length body of gray fur as in this photo; however, the Adirondack and other flies would be properly dressed if the tip is tied as a butt at the rear of the body as Dr. Burke’s painting shows.
** Dr. Burke’s painting of the Adirondack shows a tail of hackle fibers. There are so few flies in this collection with a hackle tip tail that I wholly endorse tying them whenever specified (see the Dorset). In fact, hackle tips could be used on more patterns. The whole tips of the feathers produce a look different from either fibers or quill sections.

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