The Ray Bergman Collection – 30) Black Palmer Red Tag

Ray Bergman Collection — By on October 4, 2010 7:39 pm

Tip: None *
Tail: Scarlet wool tag (short) *
Ribbing: None
Hackle: Black tied palmer
Body: Peacock herl
Wing: None

* The wool tag ‘tail’ is originally listed as a ‘tip.’ A wool or floss ‘tag’ is usually short, no longer than the hook bend and bears far more resemblance to a tail than to a tip. The Black Palmer Red Tag pattern recipe is identical to the Zulu, with the exception that the hackle on the Zulu is generally more oversized.

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  1. Larry D Van Meter says:

    well i am impressed with the black palmer red tag fly, but being a new tyer, i need some good instructions to go with the recipe.


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  2. Bob Miller says:

    I read “Trout” 65 years ago and was very impressed with the flies. I often thought of attempting to tie them all but one thing led to another. Maybe I still have time to do it. These flies are great!

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  3. Don Bastian says:

    Hi Larry & Bob;
    Thank you very much for your replies. There is always time to tie, Bob, and Larry, this collection is a photo dictionary with pattern recipes. Individual tying instructions for every fly in this collection would be a huge volume…maybe someday!

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  4. Crackaig says:

    You are right that that fly is very similar to the Zulu. The difference though is the body material not the hackle size. The hackle you have used on your example would be ideal for a Zulu. The body on the Zulu though, is dubbed black seal’s fur, and its ribbed with silver wire.

    Looks a great fly, I’ll certainly be trying some on the Highland lochs (home of the Zulu).

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  5. Don Bastian says:

    Thank you Crackaig;
    Appreciate your comment on the original Zulu!
    These recipes are taken from Ray Bergman’s books obviously, considering the collection title. Ray did not originate any of the patterns in this collection save one, the Quebec, and that fly will be posted very near the end. I do not know where the dressings came from for the flies published in his books; “Trout,” “Just Fishing,” and “With Fly, Plug, and Bait,” but it could have been William Mills and Son in New York, considering that firm was M. Bergman’s former employer. The Zulu and this pattern in Trout in fact do both have an identical dressing. The artist, D, Edgar Burke, painted the Zulu hackles longer, but it could have just been the sample from which the pattern was painted. Seal fur may have been illegal in the US as well when the book was published, 1938, so that may be a reason for the change from the original dressing.
    Really appreciate your comment and input! Good luck on your Highlands fishing trip!

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