Tying the Wingless Bee by Carl E. Sanders

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Hook: Wet
Thread: black
Hackle: brown hen saddle
Tag: fine gold braid
Body: black and yellow mohair yarn

Prepare the feather, so that when looking at the convex side, you have stripped a couple more fibers from the right side than the left.

Tie in the hackle concave side up and over the hook eye. The side with a bit more stripped off will be away from you.

Work to the back and tie in the rib material. Stay forward of the hook barb.

Wrap the rib forward and build a slightly tapered body.

Tie in the black yarn in front of the tag and the yellow measured 2-3 wraps of the yarn in front of where you tied in the black.

Wrap the black up to the yellow.

Tie down the black yarn with a wrap of the yellow and proceed to wrap the yellow over the black.

Tie the yellow down with the black and wrap the black over the yellow.

Continue alternating the colors until you reach just behind the hook eye.

With the thread behind the hackle, use your thumb to prop the hackle up at a 90 degree angle. Notice the higher stripped side of the hackle faces the away from you.

Wrap the hackle back to your thread in 2-3 wraps and tie down the tip, at the rear of the hackle, with a couple wraps of thread. Snip or break off the tip of the hackle.

Wrap your thread forward through the hackle with a couple turns and end in front of the hackle and behind the hook eye.

Pull the hackle back and form a small neat head. Whip finish.

The finished fly.

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  1. George Vosmik says:

    Interesting and simple should be a great bluegill and trout fly

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