Video: The Ice Pick by Richard Strollis

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The Ice Pick is a new streamer pattern from Richard Strollis.   It is a Zonker variation  utilizing the new Fish Skullz by Flymen Fishing Company. Richard says that white, yellow, grizzly and orange are some of his top producers.

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  1. Capt Vogue says:

    This looks like a great fly & I’d like to tie some up & test them on some big browns/bows in the spring. Can you give me info on making the “shaggy dub rope” & how you create it please?
    Kind regards
    Capt Chris Vogue

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  2. Gord Garland says:

    when making other color flies do you keep the body the same. thanks

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  3. Rich Strolis says:

    sorry for such a late response, I just found this link. As for the rope, I just spin a dubbing brush out of gold or silver ultra wire with holographic ice dub and micro rubber legs (senyo shaggy dub, swishers g-x wigglys etc). When done I just wrap the wire dubbing brush on the shank of the hook to create the flashy underbody that you see in the video. If you want to learn a bit more about this technique, in my vimeo library there is a video for building a home made dubbing block. I go over how to make brushes in there. Best.

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  4. Rich Strolis says:

    I mix up the body colors, typically one of three are what I use, either holographic gold, holographic silver or pearl typically. Mix it up.

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