Realism: An Emerging Caddis and a Walking Crayfish

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While we had no intention of it working out this way, each of the two recent fly pattern database submissions we’re highlighting this week have one common theme: realism.

Realism has many meanings in fly tying.  Often, the definition is different for each individual fly tier, but the goal is always the same.  We’re trying to make an inanimate object look alive to fool a few more fish.

The first pattern we’re featuring came to us from John Adams.  John’s October Caddis grabbed our attention as it is a relatively simple pattern to tie, and a great example of a pattern to try for someone who has been intimidated by fishable realistic patterns in the past.  We also recommend that you check out John’s adult caddis pattern he recently submitted.

October Caddis Emerger

Thread: Brown 6/0
Hook: Mustad 37160 or equivalent
Tail: Andre Brun’s Polychenille
Hackle: Badger Dry Fly Hackle
Wings: Deer Body Hair

The next pattern we’re featuring from the database was submitted by P.G. Beckett.   This pattern takes the level of realism up a notch or two, yet the level of difficulty isn’t out of reach for the average fly tier.  Beckett’s Walking Crayfish was designed to be walked along the bottom, imitating a scavenging crayfish.

Walking Crayfish

Hook: 4x long streamer hook with turned down eye
Claws,Tail, Carapace & Leg Cover: Natural Chamois
Legs: 4 narrow strips of chamois (2 1/2 inches) or other material such as sili legs
Swimmerets: rabbit strip 1 1/4 inch long (tan)
Eyes: medium bead chain
Weight: 1/40 oz. dumbell
Thread: Danville’s 210 or equivalent (tan)
Misc.: “Goop”, head lacquer and permanent markers

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