Video: The Zaggin Zook by Curtis Fry

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This fly allows fly anglers to “walk the dog” thanks to where the weight is distributed when tying it.  That, combined with the shape of the head– so that it sits in the surface with just the head up– and the tail hanging down off-balanced.  Like the Spook lure, that balance allows one zig to lead to the next zag.

Said Curtis, “The way I imagine it is think of trying move a long lever arm with a heavy weight on the far end and the fulcrum very close to you. The weight really makes it difficult to move it “cleanly” in a forward in-line direction without lateral movement. The foam sitting on the water creates the fulcrum and the bulk of the fly sitting down in the water acts as a longer lever arm. And as soon as you have one zig motion, the subsequent ones are easy because it essentially “over-corrects” with relation to the direction of the line pulling it.”

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  1. loved the zook’ i bass fish ;have all my life;i haved threw the zara spook foe 40 years. now am addicted to fly fishing the brazos river here in mineral wels texas.i will start tying me this pattern first thing; great looking fly i can tell the bass will tear this up come spring . thanks bo mitchell.

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  2. Ad Swier says:

    Hi there,

    Lovely fly the zook is. Currently I am (starting to)finnish (61 international fly tiers) a book called ‘A world of pike flies’ (in English). Now the zook appears to me like a beautifull pike fly, specially for bright and shallow waters. Do you think I could add it to the book and would you be able to sent me a sample. If you’re interested give me a shout and I’ll foreward you the details.

    Thanks for your time an trouble.

    Ad Swier
    the Netherlands.

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  3. john says:

    WOW, a almost direct copy of the Pole Dancer, doesn’t even give credit to the originator of the fly, Charlie Bisharat. Nice research HATCH.

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  4. bozo says:

    The guy doing the video even says “he” found that cupping the face made it better. Hope Umpqua isn’t a major advertiser

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