The Reversed Parachute Emerger Technique by Roy Christie

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Roy Christie ( has pioneered  an innovative style of flies for finicky trout.  While this style of fly may appear intimidating, it is an easy tie when the proper steps are followed.  Here is Roy’s slideshow of this revolutionary technique.  Stay tuned for a full tutorial and materials list in the coming weeks.

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“The design came into existence due to fish not eating floating flies while the tippet remained afloat attached to the dry fly. When the tippet sank for four to six inches away from the fly they would swim back over and eat the fly they had refused previously.

This ‘game of nods’ led me to design a floating nymph which would sink the tippet on impact at the surface.
At the drawing board, there are many ways of doing this, this one is the best at hook-ups and easy to build.
This design can be utilised to represent any species in the surface film –
midges, mayflies, caddis, hoppers, craneflies, beetles, fish; whatever you want to place there.
It must be fished on a degreased tippet and only the hackle should be treated to float.
The fly can be placed anywhere on a multi-fly cast to perform whatever job is asked of it – on the point it will support nymphs on droppers just a few inches below the surface – on top dropper it will support wets deeper in the water – sometimes I fish two of these dry – usually just a single when I work out what they are eating.

Years of reports coming back to me from all over the world is that this design, tied to match the hatch locally, will work on fish which have refused everything else yet have continued to feed. ” – Roy Christie

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This pattern is adaptable to match specific hatches and has led to many spectacular fish worldwide.  Roy says “The Reversed Parachute Emerger has a lot of five and six pound trout to its credit and the best fish to date is an Arctic Char over five kilos (+10.5lbs!) caught in Sweden by Hans Backman of the Uppsala Fly Fishers Club on an imitation of an Ephemera Vulgata which I tied for him at a show there”.  Follow Roy at his blog

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  1. Richard Marcotte says:

    Bonjour à vous j’essaie sur Fly PAtterns et les photos de mouches ne m’apparait pas, je ne peux plus allé voir les mouches, que faire?

    Merci et Joyeux Noël

    Richard Marcotte.

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  2. Overall

    Nice technique for strengthening the hackle!

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