10-step CDC Caddis by Jindra Lacko

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Materials List

Hook– Size 12 dry fly hook of choice
Thread– UNI 8/0 tan
Tag– Hot Green UNI neon thread
Rib– UNI #16 flat tinsel
Dubbing– Hare
Wing– CDC

Step 1: Mount your hook and attach you thread as shown

Step 2: Tag and Ribbing
Add a tag of your favorite color – I am using hot Green UNI neon thread; red, orange or claret tags are also to be considered. For ribbing I am using UNI #16 tinsel. It has one side gold, other silver and it is tied with the silver side upwards, so that the golden will show once it is wrapped around.

Step 3: The body
Create a body of lightly dubbed (i.e. scruffy) dubbing of Hare; wrap the tinsel.

Step 4: The wing
Add a wing made of 3 CDC feathers of medium size. The tips should be just a tad longer than the butt of the fly. Clip the butts and secure the thorax area.

Step 5: Prepare CDC feathers for hackling
This is the tricky part: Select 2 largish CDC feathers and a tool for folding them over. This can be done using many different tools of varying price and complexity; I am using a very simple block of Styrofoam with a couple slits.

Step 6: Fold the CDC feathers over
Using your tool of choice fold the CDC feathers over and pull them forward by the tips, straightening the fibers.

Step 7: Catch the hackles in pincer
Using a tool of your choice – I am using a paper clip – catch the CDC fibres sticking out and cut off the stem.

Step 8: Dubbing loop
Prepare a tight dubbing loop with your dubbing twister; make sure it is not loose around the fly. Pass the CDC fibres from your tool to the dubbing loop. Try to avoid any wax, as it is likely to spoil the structure of CDC feathers.

Step 9: Twist the CDC fibres into brush
Spin your dubbing twister vigorously, creating a dubbing brush. Wind the brush around thorax area of your fly using a pair of hackle pliers.

Step 10: Finish the fly
Tie off the dubbing brush, form a neat head. Do attempt to shorten the hackle fibres, as their high mobility in even the smallest current is a major trigger point for this fly.
Take a step back and enjoy your work

Be sure to enjoy Jindra Lacko’s writings and other flies at Grayling on the Fly

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