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A constant struggle for all fly tiers is storage. Not the long term storage of bulk material, but the short term storage and accessibility of tools and frequently used materials. Poor storage and organization leads to a messy tying area and a loss of effectiveness. All too often we look to arts and crafts stores to fill our needs… and usually end up buying products that are sub-par in quality and function.

Oasis Benches are designed and built specifically to fit the needs of fly tiers. Every Oasis product is handmade in the USA with an attention to detail that is found nowhere else. Solid wood, brass components, and a construction containing no nails or staples, lets you know you are using a quality product. Everything feels solid in hand and contain a list of features you won’t find anywhere else.

The Fly Factory is a table top bench that will make you question ever using a pedestal base. There are both left or right side vise mount models available. At 17.5 in x 16 in, its pretty amazing the features and organization offered. The sides of the bench offer a range of holes/holders for any size of tool, wax, cement, stacker, whatever you use to tie… there is a place for it. Also, The Fly Factory will integrate with any of Oasis’ line of accessories. An open devider, storage for 20 spools, seven storage jars, and cork strip for finished flies fill out the center of the bench. This is a great option for a tier who likes to move around the house or someone who just needs more organization.

A few years ago I saw Oasis’ Sparkle Spinner on the bench of a famous warmwater tier. Actually, i didn’t see the Spinner, just the massive rainbow of flash that hung neat and clean. Those of you who work with flash, know that “neat and clean” is never part of the process. But with the organization offered by the Sparkle Spinner you can easily store/organize 16 packs of flash. There is also the option of installing 8 brass rods on the top that each hold 2 standard sized spools. This is a great opportunity to keep your tinsel/mylar in the same location as other flash materials. The Sparkle Spinner has the features as any other Oasis product; solid wood construction, brass components, and no staples or nails. There is also a larger verison with 2 tiers and the ability to hold 32 packs of flash. For more information and to see the full line of products, visit Oasis’ website.

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  1. beachflies says:

    I’ve used the Oasis table-top bench for several years. It’s well designed and built. I take it on the road for fly-tying events as well as using it almost exclusively at home.
    I’ve retrofitted mine with several thread spool rods about twice as long as the original.
    I have only two minor grumps: The “sockets” for the little jars could be a little deeper. Even a slight jostling of the bench causes the jars to fall out of their holes. And if anything (like a small hook) gets underneath the plastic trays, it’s nigh impossible to get it out.

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