Nymph Skin Pupa- by Leif Ehnstrom

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Materials List

Hook: Partridge Czech Nymph Hook size #12

Thread: Semperfli Nano Silk, light olive
Head: Baetis Green-Olive Nymph-Head™ Heavy Metal tungsten bead
Body: Nymph Skin tanned with green marker
Thorax: SLF Squirrel dubbing dark olive
Collar: Just under thorax, hen saddle as false hackle
Wingbuds: Medallion sheeting or similar material

STEP 1 and 2

Attach the Nymph-Head™ Heavy Metal tungsten bead.  Tie in the thread and the Nymph Skin for the abdomen. The skin should have an undercolor in light green olive.


Wind the Nymph Skin in overlapping turns up the hook. Change the tension so the most bump is at the rear part of the abdomen. Tie in a few millimeters from the bead.


Now burn the wingbuds from Medallion sheeting or similar using a stonefly burner from Tiemco in the proper size. You can of course use anoter burner. Tie in the buds each side of the abdomen, reaching about half the abdomen


Dub almost the whole thorax.


Take a saddle feather, preferably tinted in olive, and cut off the tip


Hold the feather underneath the fly – just a few of the herls- so that there are herls on both side of the hook. Place a couple of loose turns of the thread over the hackle stem.


Pull the hackle gently until you’ve just passed the stem end. Tie in and cut the butts. You have now got a bunch of legs on the pupa.

STEP 9 (Profile and Top view)

Now add some more dubbing and tie in – if you like – a pair of antennas. You can use almost anything but Elk hair is nice. Brush the thorax a little and trim the top. A dot of color for the eyes and the pupa is ready to get wet and catch some fish…

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  1. Jim Hunter says:

    The Burned Schlappen Spey was well illistrated, well tied for sure. I’m new at spey casting and fishing, and I am very excited about learning to tie spey flies, this site really helps.
    Thanks for all you do.

    … Jim

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  2. PeterB says:

    This is a very good pattern. Well tied also. It is not a brand new pattern but renewed because of the use of the heavy Tungsten bead head. A must for every fly box…

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  3. Jan says:

    very good pattern , I am using this pattern mainly on the spring when fish takes this pattern very well.This pupae is interest only when this pattern travel somewhere inside stream.The best method how present this pupae is french nymphing or short czech nymphing.

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  4. Alex MacDonald says:

    Great pattern here in Vermont. Thanks !!!!

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