Fly Patterns: A BWO Emerger, a Meaty Streamer, and a Gorgeous Full Dressed Salmon Fly

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Here at Hatches, we’re always on the lookout for interesting fly patterns.  Probably the single greatest resource we have at our disposal for finding them is the Fly Pattern Database (which has grown to over 10,000 fly patterns!).  No where else on the web can one find a greater archive of fly patterns, and we would like to thank everyone who has contributed to it.   To express our great appreciation, and to make sure “older” patterns aren’t forgotten, we have decided to highlight three fly patterns from the database each week.  Every Thursday, we’ll share the best of the best, from the past to the present.

The first pattern we’ll be highlighting is one that was recently added to the database by Gerald Sherbrook.  Gerald, who has submitted over 100 patterns to the database, calls this fly “The Sister of His Other Sherbrook 2/0.”  (To see Gerald’s first Sherbrook, CLICK HERE.)

To view the recipe for this fly, CLICK HERE

The second fly pattern we’ll highlight is a BWO emerger which was submitted in January 2010 by Bogi.  Hailing from Serbia, Bogi is one of the many European fly tiers who have made their mark on the fly pattern database.

B.O. Olive Emerger

Hook: Varivas 2200 No. 16 [any straight eye scud or caddis hook should work as a substitute if you can’t find this brand]
Thread: Flymaster 6/0 Waxed Light Yellow
Tail: Snowshoe Rabbit
Body: Flymaster 6/0 Waxed Gold Olive
Rib: Flymaster 6/0 Waxed Light Yellow
Wing: Snowshoe Rabbit
Thorax: Krystal Dub Olive
Hackle: Grizzly- underside trimmed

The final pattern we’ll highlight this week is a meaty streamer submitted by Pelhament that should work for trout, bass, pike, steelhead, or just about any other species of fish that can fit this fly in its mouth.

Slabba the Hut

Hook: Size 2 4x Long Streamer shank with a size 4 Octopus hook attached with beading wire
Head: Large X-Eyed Cone
Collar: Deer Hair stacked on the top and bottom with the base of the hair cut flush with the cone head
Body: Olive Cactus Chenille with an Olive Magnum strip on the top and a White Magnum strip on the bottom, tied Double Bunny style.

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