Rosetta Stoned Stonefly – by Grant Bench

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Thread: UTC 140 Rusty Brown
Hook: TMC 777 SP Sz. 2-10
Bead: 5/32 Copper Tungsten
Antennae: Ginger Goose Biots
Weight: .025 lead wire
Tail: Ginger Goose Biots
Underbody: Copper Mirage Flashabou or equivalent
Overbody: Rainy’s Golden Stone Stretch Flex
Thorax: 3 Equal Parts: Hot Yellow Ice Dub, Orange Ice Dub, Rusty Brown Ice Dub
Legs: Brahma Hen Dyed Brown from Whiting.

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“While fishing a small, stonefly filled stream in Wyoming, I discovered that my flies weren’t heavy enough to feed the fish we were after. So, in short, I needed a pattern that could sink very quickly in shallow, faster water. The Rosetta Stoned Stonefly Pattern has been the answer for that particular situation. This Golden Stone Nymph that can be tailored to match the naturals in your area.” – Grant Bench

Grant is a guide at Falcon’s Ledge, an Orvis endorsed fly fishing lodge in Altamont, Utah. For more info on Grant and his flies visit

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  1. Mancub says:

    Love the ribbed body. Great pattern Grant!

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  2. Jrad528 says:

    Beautiful looking fly. Can’t wait to catch fish on it

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