Glass Eyed Shad- by Thomas Harvey

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  1. Mount hook your hook in the vise, for this pattern I prefer a Mustad C52S in size 4.

Attach the thread (a fine monofilament) behind the eye and wrap back towards the point of the hook.

Tie in your lead wire directly above the point off the hook.   Make sure the wire stays on top of the hook shank.

Bend the lead wire back over itself and bind down.

keeping the material on top of the hook shank trim excess wire

Cut a small bunch of Angel Hair and tie it in on top of the lead wire.

Invert the hook.  Take a half dozen pieces of Black Flashabou and tie them in on top of the Angel Hair.

Tie in a length of Flat Diamond Braid.

Wrap towards the eye, then trim and remove excess

Now, time for the eyes.  Remove two tear drop shaped 3D eyes and stick them on either side of the body (No Superglue).  Adjust so the top of each eye parallel with the hook shank.

The top of the eyes should be even with the top of the underbody.  This is a good time to wet the tail materials.  This will keep them out of your way and out of the Goo.

Now, time for the Clear Cure Goo.  Use the tip of the syringe or a toothpick to fill in the space between the eyes.  Then, apply a thin layer of Goo over the eyes.  If you have a rotary vise, slowly rotate the fly and let the Goo level out.

Cure the Goo using the light.

Lastly, apply a thin top coat of Sally Hanson’s Hard as Nails over the Goo for a finished Glass Eye Shad.

You can see more of Thomas’ patterns on his Carolina Fly facebook page Carolina Fly

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  1. Zach says:

    That is a good looking fly. Might have to tie up a few for some saltwater fishing.

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  2. Tim Walke says:

    That is a great looking simple to tie fly. Where do you get the tear drop shaped 3D eyes from or do you make them.

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  3. Thomas says:


    While the eyes can be made using the Clear Cure Goo, I purchased these eyes from Bill Murphy at Murphy’s Fly Box.

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  4. stoaks says:

    Loon is way cheaper than ccg, you 59ml for 22-25 dollars, clear cure goo, you get 15ml for 17 dollars. What a rip!

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