UV Chewee skin scud- by Hans Stephenson

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A great take on a scud using UV Chewee skin

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UV Chewee skin scud- by Hans Stephenson, 6.0 out of 10 based on 3 ratings


  1. Ken says:

    Hey Kevin,

    Found your video while I was searching for patterns to tie up using the Chewee material. I really liked the scud pattern and was curious how you made the hump. I’ve never tied a scud pattern, but ready to get going with it now that I’ve seen your video.

    Thanks, Ken

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  2. Ty says:

    http://flyfishsd.com/hunchbackscud.htm here us the link for the hunchback scud

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  3. Hi,

    Great SBS and the addition of TY’s link pretty much rounds it all off to a tee. I have never actually considered building such a substancial hump into any of my scud patterns but it must work well for you.
    Thanks for taking the time to create the video, thanks

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