Black Widow- by Jason Galloway

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Hook: Mustad C53S, size 10-12
Thread: Black 70 denier Ultra Thread
Tail: Harder’s Bloody Black Hare E Ice Dubbing, Black Goose Biots
Body: All beads black unless otherwise noted. One 5/32nd, One Red 5/32nd Hot Bead, One 1/8th, Two 7/64th, and Three 3/32nd beads.
Hackle 1: Light Dun CDC trimmed to length to suggest gills.
Thorax: Black Rabbit Dubbing
Legs: Small Round Rubber, two legs per side
Hackle 2: English Grouse

Begin by placing beads on hook in order as noted in recipe.

Tilt hook down in vise, dub a small ball of Harders Bloody Black 3/16ths of an inch behind bead, apply goose biots and finish dubbing small amount over top and whip finish. Place small amount of Zap a Gap on thread finish

Tilt hook back to normal position and push beads down on to dubbing and over the whip finish. Reattach thread between black 1/8th bead and red 5/32nd bead. Select quality Light Dun CDC feather, attach and wrap like hackle for 3 to 4 turns. Whip finish.

Pull CDC hackle up and trim. Redistribute hackle back around hook. Apply small amount of Zap.

Push red 5/32nd bead back over whip finish and wraps and hold until Zap grabs.

Reattach thread for last time and dub black rabbit tightly to fill void between beads.

Wrap thread tightly in middle of dubbing to make a firm area to tie in legs.

Attach legs two per side.

Pull legs straight up and trim around one inch mark

This is how fly should look from top view at this point

Prepare an English Grouse feather by stripping fluff from bottom leaving a small amount. Trim stem 1/16th longer, enough to be caught in with thread. Affix hackle and apply a healthy drop of Zap a Gap(not enough to run). Wind hackle through Zap, catch with thread and trim. Whip finish and stroke fibers into place.

Use gloss coat to finish head wraps. The very durable Black Widow is now finished! This is an exceptional attractor and delivery fly for high water and whenever black stoneflies are present.

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  1. Byron Thiel says:

    Beautiful well-designed nymph. Can’t wait to tie it-can’t wait to get out and use it!

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  2. Lars says:

    I love this fly.

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  3. Zoran Radosavljevic says:

    What’s the difference between plain dubbing with wire ribbing instead using beads? It seems a little time consuming operation to find and place on the hook various sizes of the beads… I think that that will be the same effect for catching the fish (maybe come led as underbody)?
    In any case, great work!

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  4. Jason Galloway says:

    The difference is two fold. First off weight is a huge issue. Dubbing w/lead underbody can never be as heavy as the beaded body. Second is durability, trout have teeth that tear up dubbed bodies quite easily. Putting the beads on the hook is a simple affair when you prepare the hooks and beads beforehand. You must keep in mind that this fly is intended for deep heavy flows where the fly must get down quickly on the bottom. Hope this answered your question thoroughly and thank you….

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  5. Greg Baughman says:

    I would like to tie this fly but can’t seem to get to the step by step tutorial. I click on the link and I keep getting the same listing of all the featured flies. What am I doing wrong?

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  6. icetrout says:

    Can’t wait to try these on the C&R N.Branch of the Potomac .

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  7. larrypauley says:

    this is a great looking fly

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  8. mhengel says:

    where does one fing these different sized beads. Typically glass beads are by a number size not actual

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