Jock Scott- By Shawn Mitchell

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Hatches contributor Shawn Mitchell sent this beauty over. The Jock Scott is arguable the most well known salmon fly, designed in 1850s by Jock Scott. A pattern with a foundation in proportion and appeal of its flawless design, Shawn’s fly is nothing short of spectacular. Shawn l lives in Perth, western Australia and can be emailed at; [email protected]

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Jock Scott- By Shawn Mitchell, 9.6 out of 10 based on 5 ratings


  1. Once again Shawn;


    Keep them coming Fella.

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  2. scottiesflies_original says:

    Good fly Shawn, top tippet, could have a kink put in it before tying in apart from that very minor flaw, a good example of a not so easy fly to tie perfectly A1 though SHAWN, no salmon would notice, ha ha I have the same trouble at times with my hackles and tail not coming together.

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  3. Rusty Rustenburg says:

    Awesome fly! Any chance to do a video on the stages? Not many classics on video except for Davie McPhail’s Durham Ranger.

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