Fur Trader- by Matt Grajewski

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Front Hook: 1/0 bass hook
Rear Hook: size 2 heavy nymph hook
Tail: schlappen – color of choice
Body/Wing: craft fur – color of choice
Flash: wing n’ flash, ice wing, or flashabou
Head: craft fur dubbing brush
Eyes: 1/4″ 3D eyes

Tie in 4 schlappen feathers. Use 2 per side with the natural curve of the feather facing out from the hook

Stack craft fur on the hook top, bottom and side. Use the reverse tie in method (as shown with the blue). Tie in with the butt ends facing back and tips facing forward…

…and then fold the tips back.

now add some flash

tie in the flash wing and then a contrasting color (black in this case) for a wing over the flash

The back half of the fly is now complete. For the attachment use heavy mono or wire, thread the eye and slide on beads.

Now set the front hook in your vise and lay a solid base of thread. This thread base allows for the attaching of the rear hook without slipping. Wrap the mono or wire from the rear hook up the shank of the front hook and double back. Use zap-a-gap for extra hold. make sure the beads butt up against your wraps on the front hook. This allows for enough stiffness to keep the rear hook from fouling.

Stack the craft fur, flash, and over wing on the front hook in the same manner and color as the rear

Drop a dubbing loop and add 1 inch sections of craft fur centered in the loop.

spin the loop and brush out any trapped fibers or underfur

palmer your dubbing brush, while making sure to keep all fibers point back and not caught in your wraps

trim your head as you see fit

grab some permanent markers

craft fur responds very well to markers so you have the opportunity to be pretty creative. This coloration follows the pattern established by the craft fur, flash, and wing with a nice added red gill.

Now its time to add the eyes. Shoe Goo has proven to be a great adhesive for craft fur


… and finished

ready to fish.

Matt hails from Grand Rapids, MI. His favorite thing is “throwing big shit for big browns”
Matt is affiliated with Greatlakesfly.com

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  1. Lars says:

    I love this fly.

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  2. Clay says:

    Nice, I tie alot of articulated streamers for big Browns and Smallies on the Muskegon, PM, and Mannistee. Love your pattern and thanks for the Shoe Goo tip. Does it hold up after a few fish?

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