Inch by Inch Worm- by Thomas Harvey

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Hook – Tiemco 3769
Thread – Chartreuse Uni 6/0
Body – 6/0 Glass Beads / Red Monofilament
Coating – Clear Cure Goo (Thick)

Start by placing a down eye wet fly hook in the vise. This is a Tiemco 3768 in a size 10.

Lay an even thread base down the shank of the hook. Stop when in line with the barb

Cut a piece of monofilament about 6” long. Using a contrasting color, such as red, will provide a little more depth to the fly. Attach the piece of mono directly above the barb of the hook.

Thread 5 glass beads onto the mono. This will form the “hump” of the inch worm.

Advance the thread to the front of the hook and bind down the mono. Make sure NOT to crowd the eye of the hook with the initial wrap.

Thread two additional glass beads on both tag ends of the mono.

Using a lighter, burn the mono even with the glass beads.

Now, time for the Clear Cure Goo. Start at the head of the worm. Place a small amount of Thick Clear Cure Goo between the “hump” and the “head” of the worm.
NOTE: Make sure to lift the “head” of the worm while curing. This will insure the worm will keep its proper shape.

Repeat the same process for the back end of the worm. Again, using the light to cure. When the proper shape is achieved, apply a THIN layer of Goo to the entire body of the fly.
NOTE: Make sure to coat the two tie in points with the Clear Cure Goo for added durability.

Lastly, apply a top coat of Sally Hansen’s Hard As Nails.

You can see more of Thomas’ patterns on his Carolina Fly facebook page Carolina Fly

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  1. Kev says:

    Good stuff Thomas!

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  2. deanpower says:

    good stoof

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  3. Jerry Harvey says:

    Thomas, these look like winners.

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  4. Jerry Harvey says:


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  5. Tammy Harvey says:

    One of my favorites.

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  6. daniel says:

    Geat idea !!

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  7. zia lee says:

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  8. annie magnum says:

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