The Grenade- by David Quenneville

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This is a pattern from Claude H. Bernard who guides on the Bonaventure river in Québec for atlantic salmon. Originally tied for walleye and then adapted for atlantic salmon. The Grenade was the winner in the hairwing creation category in the 1986 fly tying championship of the FQSA.

HOOK: Daiichi Alec Jackson
THREAD: Uni-Thread yellow 8/0
TAIL:White calftail
RIBS: Fine oval gold tinsel
BODY: Flat silver tinsel
WING: Yellow, pine, black squirrel tail and 3-5 peacock sword fibers
CHEEKS: Jungle cock
HEAD: Yellow thread

Attach the tail at the point of the hook.

Attach the oval gold tinsel under the hook shank on the opposite side.

Bring the thread to the front of the hook with tight uniform thread wraps.

Unravel the tinsel at the tie in place. This will prevent any unwanted bumps.

Cut the silver mylar at an angle and tie it firmly in place.

Make a double layer body with tight evenly spaced wraps.

Wrap the gold oval tinsel forward making 5 evenly spaced wraps.

Attach the yellow squirrel the same length as the body.

Attach the pine squirrel the same length as the point of the hook barb.

Attach the black squirrel to the bend of the hook .

Attach approx. 3-5 peacock sword fibers depending of the hook size to finish the wing.

Tie in the jungle cock feathers to make the cheeks.

Tie off and lacquer the head several times.

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  1. murray says:

    Simple and elegant…nice tie!!!

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  2. swellcat says:


    I’d like to see the original, the walleye version. Can anyone help?

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    Rating: 0 (from 0 votes)
  3. Lyle says:

    Nice fly I can see why the salmon like it, the walleye version would be awesome for us in Saskatchewan, Canada

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