Show us Your Bench- #3

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We’re back with another instalment of “Show us Your Bench”. THANK YOU to everyone who has been sending in pictures and descriptions, the response has been great! We are working to get everyone posted. To submit your bench email [email protected]

First up is John Marra from South Carolina
I am a faithful reader and charter subscriber and saw the recent post about fly tying benches and areas. Attached are some pictures of the desk I have outfitted for my tying. It is a circa-1860 desk that originally belonged to my great-great-grandfather who was a physician in Richmond, VA. It was passed down to me last year and I have outfitted for tying. The ‘cubby holes’ in the desk area have been outfitted by custom-built chenille and spool holders that hold almost all of my inventory. The fold down desk base gives me a nice open tying area and the top folds up to hide ‘the mess’ keeping piece on the home front. There are 4 drawers that swallow up the feathers, furs, and other assorted goodies that we all seem to have. My next project is the develop a system to hold my iPad at a convenient angle for tying videos, etc.

It makes a great workspace that links me to my heritage every time I sit down to tie.

… and a close up on the work space,

Next is Richard Trimble.
Talk about organization!

Here is Jim Heimer from Houston TX

Well, no one is going to run out and try to reproduce my fly tying area as the one they have already dreamed about, but I have set mine up in a bookcase in my home office. On the fold down shelf you can see my fly tying “table” made out of an old TV turntable with feet added and holes drilled for dowels to hold thread and a place to put my head cement (which I notice has tipped over – with the cap on – and is lying next to my Danvise). In the cubbyhole are plastic food storage containers holding hooks, dubbing, chenille, thread, and misc tools. When I am not tying, all of this fits into the cubbyhole, and I can close it up. Below the fold down shelf is a drawer for tying materials, and below that is a cupboard with a plastic storage container (on the left) and a knapsack, and on the bookshelf above are my fly tying reference books. All of my gear, including my “table” can be packed into the storage container, and all of my tying materials go into the knapsack. I can then conveniently transport my entire setup to my local flyshop and fly fishing club (Texas FlyFishers of Houston, for fly tying courses.

Since I have just started tying and have only limited space, this set-up suits me fine. It is also adjacent to my computer, so that I can call up fly tying videos and tie along with the experts on YouTube.

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