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First up is Brian Kozminski. Brian is the President of the Miller VanWinkle Chpter of Trout Unlimited. “I built my desk so I could close it up and my then 2 year old wouldn’t get into the razor blades or other sharp utensils. The “back-up”desk is for teaching neighborhood kids and when other guys drop by with an IDEA they have to try out…”

Next is Chris Hagen
“I made my tying area this way because as you can see I am a HUGE Green Bay Packer fan as well as an Andy Burk art lover. I have scattered a few peices of each theme throughout the area. My area moved from my garage to an area in the house because of added wood working tools in the garage for building fly tying spool and tool holders that I am making.”

Finishing out this round it Brent Frerck. “I would like to show what you can do when you have a lot of stuff with little space. I have a little nook in my garage that I finished out myself. One side dedicated to my fly stuff and the other a nice little work bench with my tools. The fly side has large deep cabinets to store all the gear, there is a large roller cabinet that holds reels, extra flies and boxes, and other misc stuff. I built in drawers under the counter for the fur, feathers, and such. An old salvaged teak night stand was converted into a free standing stack with smaller drawers, slideouts for fly tying books and additional shelving. Salvaged teak bed rails became the rod rack. My thoughts are, the area is small (so the wife doesn’t complain), its comfortable, everything has a place and its my own. Hope you enjoy it as much as I do.

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  1. Byron Thiel says:

    What lovely neat work areas! I’m afraid mine is in utter chaos now till I can afford to replace my old garden shed-the you’ll see a lovely roomy work shop and I promise to post pictures to prove it! For now I’ll just have to be nery envious. BT

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  2. David Barson says:

    how can those guys work in areas like that, my room looks like it got hit by a tornado. how do I send photos to y’all?

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  3. Joe Nicklo says:

    Kevin, I’ll send photos of my “small piece of heaven” if you give me instructions on how to post.

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  4. Nic says:


    Nice setup. I’m curious about the portable tying station/tool holder in your second picture. Is that custom made or did you order it. I’ve been compiling pictures of similar stations for a while in preparation for making my own. any chance I could get a close up of it? Thanks.

    All the Best,

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  5. Karen says:

    How do I submit photos of my typing bench

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  6. Brent says:


    The my fly tying station is made by Oasis Benches. It is the Standard Compact model made from Oak and Walnut. I got it a number of years ago and have been very pleased with it.


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  7. Jerry Smith says:

    Nice set up Brent, But Dude you gotta get a more comfy chair. Something more soft so you don’t wear out so quick. That one your using wouldn’t let me tie but about 15 mins. before my butt would be hollering “Get Me Outta Here!” Just a thought, Happy tying.

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  8. Chris Hagen says:

    Wow has my tying area changed since that pic!

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