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Jay Wonsettler sent in this submission “This is my area to tie flies. I have this in the corner of our living room so I’m not isolated from the family and can watch TV preferably fishing shows. I recycled an old vanity mirror desk that was headed to the curb. It may not be much but with 4 kids still in the home space is at premium.”

Next Neil Larson shows “What twenty years at the bench turned in to in Montana. It just became an evolution.”

Doug Carmichael says “I recently made this fly tying bench. It is made from Hondous Mahogany as the main wood. The only other wood is the base (cannot be seen) is made of sanded plywood. and the tying area is laune (can been seen as the material holding area). The Flashaboo holder turns as one needs and is held in place with a wing nut for easy take down to move. The tool spool also rotates as one would need and sits in place with a pin and is easily removed for transport. The light is led and provides great lighting. I have 2 rows of hooks held in place with rows of mahogany( more in boxes) the tread spools or 2 deep. I have the lead and wire spools on the left as needed. I built a mahogany box to hold the light switch button. I added a shelf that extends off of the front with a plexy-glass back. There is always more room to drill holes or add an upstairs (lol). The rails are extended up with barrel like turnings from the mahogany. I feel it adds depth to the bench. I finished the bench with spar varnish. I started tying flies in 2009. Decided that I wanted a nicer bench then my desk. Although it hasn’t helped me to catch more fish, I do love where I tie the flies at.”

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  1. helene lucas says:

    I am not a very good fly tier however i’m getting better as i tie more. However my grand children think i can do anything (you know how grand kids are) and they want me to show some of the children they work with (9-12 yrs.)of age how to tie some basic trout flies to take on a fishing trip. I need help! could you suggest some of the simplest ones that i could find the patterns for to show them and help them with? thanks so very much.
    Helene Lucas

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  2. Bill Mather says:

    Helene, some of the easiest flies to tie are the spiders, like the partridge and orange etc., they use very few materials but catch lots of fish. Hope this helps…Good Luck,Bill.

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