The Three of Diamonds- by Shawn Mitchell

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Every so often I get an email from Shawn Mitchell from “down-under”. Shawn is a Hatches contributor but more-so a crazy talent creating salmon flies. This email was no different than any of the previous… a mind-blowing fly, and some Australian slang that leaves me clueless. This is Shawn’s “The Three of Diamonds” fly… Inspiring

Shawn ‘two fish’ Mitchell lives in Perth, western Australia. He is an avid salmon fly dresser and originator of the tartan bodied salmon fly. Email Shawn – [email protected]

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  1. Tony George says:

    Unless Mr.Mitchell was tying the “Tartan Style” salmon fly in the early ’70s then he IS NOT the “originator”.I have photos of my father with flies he tied from 1974.My father incorporated the butt wraps he was doing on custom built flyrods to Salmon Flys.If Mr. Mitchell has been tying these flies since then then my apologies.

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