Show us Your Bench #7

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Ross Brecke of Minnesota wrote
“This is where I go after a long hellish day at work to unwind, twist up some beauties and enjoy an adult beverage or two. Most of the time I watch the Big Lebowski on my computer which is right next to the fish tank. It’s my solice right there and it’s only getting better every year. Most of materials are put away due to my curious little boys which is why it looks kind of clean…maybe too clean!”

Louis from Kings Mountain NC said…
“A Red Oak board, a little altering and voila! Magnetic patches from old hook containers and put in the bottom of the holes for the size hooks I use most. Small dowels for the spools, magnetic strip the length of the board to secure stray hooks or flies already tied, small holes drilled to hold bobbins and other tools. It works for me.”

Robert Langlois from St. Pierre and Miquelon sent a photo of his homemade wood bench.

And here is Paul Dieter’s impressive set up
I remodeled my whole house over several years and the last room to come together was my office/tying room. So during that time I mentally designed some things I’d come to want over the years of different desk configurations.
– First was I needed my computer to work both at the office desk and the tying desk interchangeably.
– I’d had/designed several different vise trash configurations including a large chute cut into the desktop, but came up with a built in vacuum system that I really like. I had my doubts about it really working out but I’ve used it for almost a year and it works great.
– I don’t like pegboard or slot board but was going to be limited in easy access storage so I decided on putting up sheet metal (painted) and sticking materials to it with magnets (or magnetic tape). I thought I was going to do this on the wall but ended up needing the bookshelf space instead but also left enough leg room under the desk to do it there. I’ve been very happy with this solution as well.
I also included a photo of my new dust collection attachment for my vac system used when I turn cork and balsa poppers…it too is working pretty well
Here is a thread on FTF about the bench

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