Brass Assed Emerger by Paul Dieter

Step-by-Step Tutorials — By on August 25, 2011 11:06 am

I designed this emerger to be used primarily as a dropper fly off of a dry. It has been very productive for me for over a decade. It also ties well on a scud hook. I used to include partridge legs until I got the nor vise but now I find bushy dubbing works just fine and reduces a step.

Hook: Tiemco 205 BL
Tail: Partridge Fibers
Abdomen: Copper Wire
Wing: CDC
Thorax: Dubbing
Wing Case: Turkey Tail (coated)

Step 1: Start Thread just forward of the hump and wrap back with smooth thread base

Step 2: Tie in Partridge fiber tail and wrap by forward of hump (still smooth), tie in copper wire

Step 3: Lay copper wire along top of shank and wrap all the way back and then up forward again smooth and tight

Step 4: Wrap wire tightly forward and tie off on front of hump

Step 5: Tie in tip of CDC puff (I’ve used a large CDC feather here on a large size 8 hook for instructional clarity, puffs work in the usual size 14 and smaller)

Step 6: Fold CDC back and tie down into a loop.

Step 7: Add dubbing, since I have a nor vise I use a loose touch dub technique

Step 8: finish off thorax leaving generous room for the head and wing case. Without touch dubbing you can just brush out the fibers on the thorax with a velcro tool

Step 9: Tie in turkey feather that has been treated with your choice of glue (I use water based head cement)

Step 10: Trim wing case with a “V” notch at the base of the CDC wing

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  1. John Jarvis says:


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  2. Dixie says:

    Excelent emerger, well and durable build !

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  3. duane dunham says:

    It looks to me like this would turn upside down and swim that way. I’d therefore tie it with wing case on the bottom and expect it to fish with the hook up.

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  4. jack wolbach says:

    Does this thing really float? I’ve used heavy hooks and quills for this type fly, and add a little white high-vis on top for these old eyes to see

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  5. John Sawtell says:

    It looks like a sinking emerger to me. That copper wire will really pull the fly down, so the leader may have to be greased up to within a few inches of the fly. Maybe this fly is intended to represent a nymph ’emerging’ from the bottom layers up towards the surface, rather than just below the surface?
    Excellent photographs!

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