G Nymph- by Lucian Vasies

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Hook: Daiichi D 1270 #14
Thread: Yellow body thread from Devaux
Tail: mallard barbs
Underbody: yellow thread -Devaux
Body: Trout Line nymph skin
Gills: cream yellow thread -Devaux
Torax: yellow thread and Trout Line nymph skin
Legs: partridge barbs

Prep your hook with lead wraps

Cover the lead and attach the mallard barbs tail.

Form a nice evenly tapered body and attach the nymph skin body at the tail

Tie in 12 strands of the gill material between the lead and the hook eye figure 8 style

Pull back the gill material with every wrap of the body

the first 4 gills are made with single strands on each side

for the next 3 sets of the gills use 2 strands on each side. Tie off and trim the nymph skin.

Tie in a partridge feather by the tip above the last set of gills

Fold the partridge feather forward, tie off and trim. Then fold the nymph skin forward, tie off and trim.
Whip finnish the head

Trim the gills for a tapered look

Completed fly

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  1. Murray (lykos33) says:

    NICE!!! I will have to give that method a try

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  2. Mark says:

    Where can you purchase that Devaux thread?

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  3. Bob Jenkins says:

    Appropriate would be to credit Oliver Edwards for originating the method of adding gills (if someone else previously hadn’t). Oliver used gelspun thread for gills. I’d like to know if Devaux thread differs and is better for some imitations (some mayflies have plate gills, others threadlike gills.
    …Bob Jenkins…

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  4. Tom Herr says:

    Great method for adding gills!! Thanks much for taking the time to post!

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  5. Ebli says:

    The devaux thread can be found here: http://www.troutline.ro/ro/flytying/ata-si-matase.html

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  6. William Allardice says:

    I liked your G-nymph and went searching for the silk thread used for the gills. The company, Devaux, doesn’t make that silk thread anymore. My son was lucky enough to get a few (the last) spools from a fly shope in France. THe thread just recently arrived.

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  7. William Allardice says:

    I found 5 spools of the silk thread through my son in France. The last 5 the fly shop had. The owner told my son that Devaux no longer makes that thread as far as he knew. I my son tryed to contact the company but to no avail. I am remodeling my fly shack and hope to get back to tying some flies this winter.

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  8. John Sawtell says:

    It is another interesting tying of gills on an insect. I have used ostrich herl as an imitation, but I guess this Devaux thread is stronger. The Devaux thread looks similar to white plastic “raffine” type string.
    I just wonder if the nymph skin could be tied first, then the Devaux thread tied in (on each side) with clear nylon securing the thread into the nymph skin overlaps (Oliver Edwards style).

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