The Fly Fishing Show Re-cap

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On January 21-23 Somerset NJ played host to the 19th annual Fly Fishing Show. This is the largest Fly only show of the year featuring over 200 seminars, casting demos, a list of retailers and manufactures, and countless number of anglers looking to escape the East Coast winter.

The number and quality of the fly tiers was impressive. Al Ritt from Peak Fishing ([email protected]) was turning out some great midges.  Al is a Hatches contributor and has a great DVD on rotary tying techniques.

There was a good buzz about the new direction of Partridge.  Mark Hamnett and Chris Reeves were fielding non-stop questions and showing off some impressive new hooks.  A straight point line of salmon hooks and their barbless options were turning heads

Pat Cohen, who tied at our booth and the Symposium, was getting some deserved attention.  Pat’s deer hair bugs are a sight, super clean and colorful.  Check out Pat’s patterns on his blog gotbronze.blogspot … because after a few hours all of his flies had disappeared.

Steve Silverio of Regal Vises ([email protected]) was showing off some impressive streamer patterns with his new “Polar Pony” material.  His table was loaded with every style of pattern with each one more impressive than the other…. range and versatility, Steve has it!

John Collins ([email protected]) showed me his electric caddis pattern with his innovative technique of running uni-wire in flexible tubing.  The results are impressive!

You’ll notice the clear shinny head on the electric caddis… its a product that has been making waves the past two years, Clear Cure Goo.  A quick and clean UV cure that lives up to its name, check out their site

Captian Ian Devlin (of Devlin Charters) was at the booth showcasing some monster patterns using Clear Cure Goo.

Shawn Davis blew me away with his presentation ties. Yeah… thats a hand shaped 14k gold hook. See more at

After a STRONG year the FlyMen company, maker of Fishskulls, was a crowd and tier favorite.

Allen Landheer ([email protected]) had an impressive collection of flies.

Neil Houlding and the Pro Tube tubefly system had a busy weekend.  This innovative system has the junction tube built to the tying tube.  This is a great starting point for tiers new to tubes and advanced tiers who are looking for an interchangeable and easy system. Find out more at their site

Michael Schmidt of Anglers Choice Flies had a table packed with some killer patterns.  Check him out at

Hopefully we will see everyone again in Philly!

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  1. Andy says:

    Would like some info about the fly that is pictured right after the CCG photo set. Can anyone help me out with the type of materials and eyes? Looks great.

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  2. Kevin Hospodar says:

    my fault on missing that, sorry Andy

    The head is Clear Cure Goo and the body is Devil-n-blend

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  3. Andy says:

    Great, thanks.

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  4. Jim Clayton says:

    Beautiful close-up photos! I’m anxiously awaiting many of these exhibitors to arrive here in Raleigh, North Carolina, for the February 11th and 12th show!

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  5. Leo says:

    You got this a little screwed up, don’t you? The Somerset show is this coming weekend, Jan 27-29, 2012. It will be the 20th annual show. So, the question is – how did you take pictures of a show that hasn’t happened?

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  6. Kevin Hospodar says:

    You will notice the date of the article is JAN 25, 2011… last year. I will be working on another article for this year’s show, it should be posted in the up coming weeks.

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