Benches: Show Us Your Fly Tying Area

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photo Steve Clark

Whether you’re tying on a TV tray or have added a new wing onto your home dedicated to fly tying, Hatches wants to see your fly tying area!

To participate, simply email photos of your workspace to: [email protected].  Feel free to tell us why you’ve done what you’ve done, and we’ll show the world your fly tying area here on our Web site.

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  1. Jan Johansen says:

    wow sexy or what

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  2. Brent Frerck says:

    Wheres the frig and the fold out? Awesome step, I love it. I wish I had that much room to work with.

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  3. Jay Smit says:

    Wow, that looks more like a fly fishing store.
    Awesome very nice.

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  4. Eamo says:

    Fly tying envy…..though not sure I’d want to go fishing with a room as well equipped as that!

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  5. Raoul M. Breault says:

    This look’s like a display room rather than a fly tying room.The desk seems to be lacking drawers to keep flying materials, hooks,etc.handy to the fly tyer.Area looks great but to my opinion is user friendly.

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  6. James Mann says:

    That’s an unbelievable fly tying room, reminds of a friend from Campbellton, New Brunswick.

    My little fly tying area is in the corner of my work from home office and tends to get cluttered when I am not tying.

    I think I need a bigger room or maybe another room entirely. If I do something to make it look better I will snap a shot and send it in.

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  7. Marcone says:

    nice man cave dude

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  8. That is a work of art
    wonderful set-up.
    We all need that room!

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