Birds nest nymph

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Originated by Cal Bird of California, the Birds nest is a deadly nymph pattern. While originally a caddis imitation, it can cover a wide variety of bugs.

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  1. Miguel Ranea says:

    Excelente !!!

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  2. Mr. Q says:

    This is not by Kevin is by a guy named Tim and A guy named Matt ties the fly. Tightlines productions out of Califon NJ, and Caddis Chronicles out of Tewksbury NJ. Great fly and uncomprable tying.

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  3. Kevin Hospodar says:

    Sorry for any confusion. I never claimed to be the cretor of the video. As the Content Director for the site, my name is attached to all posts I author.

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  4. Mr. Q says:

    Thanks, I see that now. Doesn’t Matt tie great flies, check him out at caddis chronicles, and doesn’t Tim make great videos, he is on vimeo. Tightlines productions. Nothing better than wetting a line!

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  5. Ralph says:

    This is so NOT a birds nest. I have tied these things next to Cal for decades. The signature of a birds nest is that the hackle envelopes the fly 360 degrees. Cal disdained the beard effect as demonstrated in this video. From my underwater observations, Cal’s patterns kills these quarter round patterns.
    Ralph Cutter
    [email protected]

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  6. Tim says:


    As clearly stated in the video, this is how Matt Grobert ties a Bird’s Nest and is no way intended to be an exact duplication of the original. The use of a copper bead and the omission of coyote fur in the dubbing makes it a variation straight off. However, calling the fly Matt ties here anything but a Bird’s Nest would not be giving Cal his proper due.

    Incidentally, I checked your website and the fly you show as a Bird’s Nest is clearly lacking a 360 degree envelope of wood duck fibers (not hackle) as well.


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  7. mhengel says:

    Ladies, lest we forget we are here to share and grow

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