Peeping Caddis- Jindra Lacko

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Jindra Lacko shows an 8-step deep fishing caddis pattern. By using a jig style hook, you can be sure to loose less flies as the hook fishes point up. Size and colors can be adjusted for local hatches.

Hook– Jig style
Bead– 4.6 mm Tungsten
Lead– flat lead
Tip– UNI Neon thread
Butt dubbing– hot green
Hackle– partridge
Rib– gold
Body dubbing– hare

For a fly of this weight and size a jig hook is better choice, as it will snag a bit less. Just keep in mind you are going to lose your fly, and have some spare.

I am using some seriously heavy metal – 4.6 mm Tungsten bead and a layer of flat lead.

For the tip I am using 4 strands of UNI Neon thread, color Fluo Green. It will imitate the peeping caddis larva and – more importantly – act as an attractor.

To make the tip more pronounced I add a small ball of hot green dubbing; it will make the tip more pronounced.

A smallish partridge feather to imitate legs of the caddis larva and add movement to the fly.

Wind the hackle, attach a thin gold tinsel.

Dub body of scruffy dubbing from back of a hare.

Counter rib the body and whip finish. Brush the fly vigorously with a velcro strip.
Take a step back and enjoy your work

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  1. Don Peterson says:

    Great pattern. I’m going to try this on the blue gills when they go deep.

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  2. Jindra says:

    Thanks Don!
    I am curious how that turns out – the pattern is European one, and we have no bluegills over here. But I am sure you have lots of cased caddis on your side of pond; the fly is bound to score.
    Tight lines!

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  3. Carel DeIongh says:

    Nice pattern Jindra! I thought Blue gill/sunfish were found in Europe. I remember catching one in a small canal in Den Haag in 1976, possibly an invasive from the USA.


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  4. Steven says:

    This is a great Pattern, and although I don’t think it’s very widely used over here (Canada) my dad and I discovered it (or a version very similar) in the book “The Fly Tiers Bible”. So far we’ve caught Small mouth Bass on it (especially good swung through the tops of pool or the bottoms of riffles, allowed to swing up, then slowly retrieved), Brown Trout, Rainbow Trout, Pickerel, Sunfish, Crappie, Perch, even Catfish, and some awesome Carp!! Such as the 30+lb brute my poor dad hooked on his 6wt while fishing a deep pool for small Rainbows (and by small I mean under 5lbs, because around here we get Lake Run Rainbows that go as big as 12lbs + although bigger then that is pretty rare). He was only using a 6lb tippet, and we had no net with us.

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