Hatches 2011: Tiers From Across the Pond – Rune Andre Stokkebekk

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The instructional portion of this presentation features a buzzer pattern that has been very successful for me. The most important feature in this pattern is the stretch tubing, which gives a nice translucent effect quite close to the natural. Most of the time trout look at this fly from below. When you look at this the fly against a light source, you see something interesting: The light makes the tubing shiny and almost silvery, but it also picks up the color from the tying thread. The segments in the abdomen also get very visible.

When a midge pupa rises to the surface, it gets more and more silvery from gases trapped under its skin. Many patterns imitate this, but in my opinion they aren’t as effective as they could be. Trout in hardfished waters tend to dislike flashy flies. The tubing provides a more moderate shiny effect than flash or tinsel.

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