European nymphing explained

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The european styles of nymphing have grown in popularity in fly fishing over the past few years. From specialied 10ft 3wt and 4wt rods, tying materials and styles, to the on stream rigging… there has been alot of mainstream adoption. While this isn’t everything, here is a introduction video on a style of rigging and two flies that will get you started in this productive style of fishing. Much more discussion can be had over leaders, indicators, rigging, and gear… But, you should have enough info to get out on the water and catch some fish.

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Hans Stephenson has 2 effective patterns for this style of fishing; the Bottom Tick-ler, which is tied to be your bottom fly that will ride hook point up and a Czech Quill Body Nymph that can be used as your top fly.

Bottom Tick-ler:
This color scheme of tungsten jig is tremendously effective. Fish this fly as the bottom fly on a two fly rig, with a lighter nymph or soft hackle above it. I have had great luck with a small soft hackle on a dropper tag fished above this fly. Fish a larger heavier jig in faster or deeper water to get down faster.

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Czech Quill Body Nymph:

Here is a play on a thread bodied nymph with a hot spot. Most eastern European nymph patterns have hot spot to attract fish to strike the fly. This is a concept worth exploring. Try adding the hot
spot while keeping the overall fly slender.

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  1. John Hall says:

    I thank you for the videos and the tutorials,I only wished I had the time to engage myself in this kind of hobby.
    I think that Sage with their magnificent European Style Nymph collection of rods as well as the Streamflex XF2 line-up by Gray, the needs of the American market for ESN rods is pretty much covered up.
    However, I would be interested in learning about some new collections by other manufacturers.

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