The Chav- by Shawn Mitchell

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“This fly was inspired by a popular fashion house which found itself lent to the prole drift.
I wanted to take something so typically blue-blood, twist it 180°… and create something modern yet reminiscent of a victorian garish past. The Chav salmon fly is a suggestion of what the british hierarchy had become; a thing once dissected, rarely courted inquisitive company again.” -SM

Shawn lives is Perth Western Australia an can be reached at [email protected] See more of his flies HERE

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  1. Druce says:

    oh my god… this is amazing

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  2. Garhan says:

    Hi Shawn, this is simply beautiful work. Your talent is surpassed by none. I truly appreciate the work quality and the way you present your interests. Keep it up m8.


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  3. Jim says:

    Shawn,this fly is true art,can i ask what feathers you used to get the black and ehite chequerboard effect??.

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